Ziyanda Kettle


— Product Design
— Interface Design
— Packaging Design
— Product 3D Visualization


We were invited to create from scratch the complete industrial design project of the electric kettle for Ziyanda, a South African brand with focus on luxury market, based on them concept. The well-crafted briefing brought me lots of relevant information, about inspiration for product design, target audience, materials and finishes, which needed to be high end.

In South Africa, potjiekos (literally meaning “pot food”) has been part of South Africa’s heritage and culture for many centuries. Cooking food in a potjie, also known as a “phutu pot”, is, in itself, an occasion to be celebrated by all South African cultures, regardless of race.

That said, the concept of product design was inspired by this authentic icon of African culture.

The product was designed seeking a balance between the rustic concept behind the potjies and the modern and bold proposal of the brand. The harmonious fusion between wood, matte paint and chrome give a striking identity to the product, as well as a luxurious look given the high end materials used in the construction.


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